All materials needed to clean the scanners and shown in the videos can be found at any super store. Materials needed are found below.

  • Compressed Air
  • 91% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Lint free cloths
  • This list details the order in which cleaning should take place for a scanner. For detailed video instructions and list of what to use to clean each part please reference the chart.

    Step 1. - Remove any dust particles
    Step 2. - Clean photocell sensors
    Step 3. (daily) - Clean glass image scanner
    Step 4. (weekly) - Clean Reading Transport Belt
    Step 5 (if needed). - Replace rollers
    Step 6 (if needed). - Clean ink Cartridge head

    Notes: If MICR lines are not being read efficiently and accurately, try cleaning the reading transport belt.

    Special Instructions
    Part Location
    Dust Particles Compressed Air
    Wall Track Location

    Photocell Sensors Compressed Air
    Photocell Sensor Locations

    Contact Image Sensor

    (Glass Image Scanner)

    91% isopropyl and lint free cloth Glass Image Scanner
    Reading Transport Belt 91% isopropyl and lint free cloth
    Replacing rollers   Rollers
    Cleaning Ink Cartridge 91% isopropyl and lint free cloth N/A